When searching for inspiration on Pinterest, I came across an article on DIY Paper Marbling and thought it would be the perfect base to draw on.  I love the soft psychedelic patterns the ink makes, with each one being totally different.  Here is my own version of the marbling technique taken from the Honestly WTF Blog with finished drawing, The Awakening, now available framed in my shop

1You will need a selection of inks or food colouring along with a tray, some shaving foam and a squeege or a ruler


After putting a good dollop of shaving foam into your tray, drip some ink into it

3Swirl the ink around but be careful not to mix it as you will want both the light and dark shades in your piece

4Push some paper firmly into the foam being sure to cover all of the areas you want with the marbled effect

5Use a squeege or a ruler to pull the foam from the paper, revealing the marbling underneath

6The ink is instantly dry and ready to draw on.  Here is my version The Awakening with its soft psychedelic swirls of magenta and gold




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