This is the second time I’ve been lucky enough to be photographed by the spectacular photographer Liam Keown. Liam takes amazingly beautiful photographs using natural light and has recently photographed dancers, performers and other artists such as Carne GriffithsRowan Newton and Cosmo Sarson. Beautifully composed with a soft light that makes you feel like you are in a dream…if you haven’t checked out his work yet you should, you can find him here. A few of the amazing shots he took whilst painting at Upfest

Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-21-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-20-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-19-WEB Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-18-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-17-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-16-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-15-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-14-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-13-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-12-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-11-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-10-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-9-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-8-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-7-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-6-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-5-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-4-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-3-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-2-web Keownphoto.HannahUpfest-1-web


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