Croydon Street Art Jam

Last weekend I got to paint at the Croydon Street Art jam organised by CDN Magazine to celebrate musicians who have lived and worked around Croydon. Twenty-three artists took over the ‘Croydon Arts Quarter’ at St George’s Walk, including live art and music to combine both creative genres.

I painted Katie Melua, who went to the Croydon BRIT school, and was discovered there by music producer Michael Batt. I took inspiration from her song I Cried for You. It was such an amazing day to get the chance to paint and have a chance to talk to so many lovely people throughout the day.

“I Cried for you, and the sky cried for you, and when you went I became a hopeless drifter. But this life was not for you, Though I learned from you, That beauty need only be a whisper. That beauty need only be a whisper.”

Murals are something I love to do, if you would like a custom one, email me at

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