FREE Printable Christmas Card

I wanted to give back to all of you for your amazing support over the years, after all Christmas is a time for giving.  Here is a FREE printable Christmas card that you can customise yourself at home.

I wanted to bring the smell of gingerbread cooking and the warmth of sitting next to a crackling fire to this piece.  Gingerbread men, candy canes, baubles and mistletoe fall from her hair as she relaxes into the mood of Christmas.

The majority of us are back in lockdown again this year, and it can be a difficult time.  I wanted to make this card customisable, so that we can all get creative in a time when we are all at home.  I have given some step by step photos below on how I have customised my own card with whatever I had lying around the house that I could use.  On this I’ve used some glitter, gold leaf and some sparkly paint.  I would love to glue on sequins or pompoms or bake some real gingerbread men to go with it.

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