Home Styling

I’m a little addicted to home magazines and blogs, and love seeing different combinations of decorations and colours.  I thought I’d pair some paintings with accessories and style a home.  I started with new painting Coming of the Winds.  Taking from my Turkish inspiration for the painting, with memories of warm breezes atop of mountainous beach villages, I wanted to use draping fabric, colourful rugs and fresh linen.  Some accessories which carry warmth.

1. Coming of the Winds by Hannah Adamaszek
2. Idris lamp by Lombok
3. Mavi Cushion by Urban Outfitters
4. Soy Candle by Trouva
5. Zabel Sideboard by Swoon Editions

The inspiration for Misty Mountain came from a ski season I worked in Switzerland.  It was where the bond film On Her Majesties Service was filmed, where the revolving building was at the top of the biggest mountain in the region.  I wanted something with that retro 70s ski chalet vibe.  Bright oranges and yellows in the accessories matched the painting, with classic designs of Tom Dixon and glassware from Oliver Bonas.

1.  Misty Mountain by Hannah Adamaszek
2. Copper Pendant by Tom Dixon
3. Moss Knit Blanket by H & M
4. Doris Chair by Made
5. Le Flore Glasses by Oliver Bonas

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