Liquitex Painting

I want to share with you my experience in using the new redesigned Liquitex Soft Body and Gouache Paint.

I was kindly given some of the newly redesigned Liquitex Soft Body and Gouache painted to try and review.  The colours I were given were bright and vibrant, I was interested to see how they would dry, and if the colours were still just as amazing.  The paint pots are vastly different to the tubes they had before, each come with a fine nozzle which should minimise waste, and would be great to paint with directly onto the canvas.

I wanted to use these paints for the Art on a Postcard pieces I was about to create.  Art on a Postcard work with the world’s leading artists to raise money for The Hepatitis C Trust. The postcards, including this one will be auctioned off in the upstairs at Spitalfields in Shoreditch for the first week in July (1-8).  Here is one of them being painted…

The colours are bright and vibrant and it’s easy to see which colour you are about to use.

I started by painting the background with the peach.  The pastel shades are really great, they have that vibrancy to them without over doing it.  This is going to be one of my colours to go to I love it so much.  The pots come with a nozzle which for me was one of the best parts.  If you are painting something small like I am here there really is minimal waste, which is something that can be a problem.  The paints went on very smooth, especially the gold. I water down my paints and sometimes can become muddy which these didn’t.

After I spray on the stencil, I layer the paints on top, watering these down to create a watercolour effect.  The colours kept their vibrancy, especially the neon orange which I put more colours on top of.  I made tiny dot highlights on the eyes with the actual nozzle of the paint.  It was more accurate and clean than using a brush.

It’s the fist time I had used gouache, it’s slightly runnier than the soft body.  I couldn’t really tell much difference apart from that. The colours were slightly more vibrant and it had more of a matt finished which I really liked.  I would defiantly add these to my bag of paints to use all the time at home. The gold is one that I always go to over other brands, including the iridescent inks which just give that extra added depth.

I hope this inspires you to create your own mini artwork.


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