Om Yoga Show

I’m feeling really inspired by meeting all of you at the Om Yoga Show.  It was a wonderful event with so many like minded yogis from all around the world.  There were classes of all different types of yoga as well as stalls and stands reminding us to be kind to ourselves and those around us.

I created 3 new pieces for the show inspired to create a zen feel in your home. I wanted to make a positive impact in inspiring us to live more harmoniously in ourselves and the world around us.  We grow like nature, rising like a flower from the mud to bloom in ways that were unexpected.  These three exclusive prints flow with a delicate energy to inspire us every day.  Each one is printed onto German Etching paper so that the colours really shine and I’ve hand signed and numbered each print.  Shop these Here.

I also painted a unique mural to show what could be on the wall of your home or studio.  Art improves motivation, creativity, employee and client engagement.  By merging art and meditation we are taken on a welcome journey of peaceful reflection in our chaotic lives.  Contact me at to book your own free mural consultation.  Prices are going up in the new year, so be sure to secure yours as soon as possible.

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