I’m so excited to be working with Eden East, a beautiful newly refurbished yoga studio in Walthamstow, London. We have curated a show together, merging Art and Yoga.

I want to bring together Art and Meditation to inspire and promote a feeling of zen.  By merging these two creative mediums, we are taken on a welcome journey of peaceful reflection in our chaotic lives.  Large paintings, drawings and prints delve into the calming depths of yogic poses, meditation and mindfulness, creating a focal point to awake and revive an inner peace.

I started practicing yoga around a year and a half ago, becoming more aware of the present in mind and body.  For me its a chance to be tranquil, to clear my mind and just be.  It is this part of yoga that I wanted to paint, to try and re-live and re-create on canvas.  I want to bring the beauty of our souls to life, to give us the chance to delve into serenity and be thankful for life and the beauty within.  I want to be able to inspire people to start their own journey into yoga through my art.

Each muse has her own light and strength and is at harmony with herself and the world that surrounds her.  I love the idea that we grow just like nature, rising like a flower from the mud to bloom in ways that were unexpected  Foliage often extends from the body, tracing paths that we can reach through continued practice.  The poses have a beauty of their own, with the body moving with a delicate energy, flowing across the canvas.

Feel free to pop in to the studio for some yoga, contact to book lessons or with any questions



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