Update for Less

Update your home for less with 5 artworks under £500.  You can never under estimate the impact a gallery style wall makes.  Create a gallery style wall using a selection of affordable pieces that add that pop of colour. The great thing about these walls is that you can make it very personal and continue to build on them over years to come.

At the top, I’ve mixed cool blues and verdant greens that all compliment each other.  Set in a triangle they work with each other each with a colour from the last.  Mix and match frames and hang them slightly offset for that cool carefree look.  The artworks I’ve used here are:

Chasing Light £425

Tropic Sunshine £110

Follow the Sun £65

The color pink represents caring, compassion and love, which is what makes it perfect for the bedroom.  I’ve kept this wall simple just with 2 pieces of art, but offset they still have the gallery wall feel and look.  The bright hues really help to bring the room alive and really work well with the green plants in the room.  The artworks I’ve used here are:

Moonlight Magic £375

Juniper £375

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