Wild Thing Interior

I’ve just finished new painting Wild Thing, which takes its name from the yoga pose.  The pose opens the heart up toward the sky, growing from the depths below. The term is derived from Sanskrit camatkara, meaning “miracle” or “surprise,” and asana, meaning “pose.” Camatkarasana is translated as “the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart.”

I absolutely love spa and wellness centres and how relaxing and serene they are.  I took inspiration from centres across Bali and Indonesia for inspiration in this interior.  With accessories made from natural materials and my love of plants they have a cool calming effect which can change and grow over time.

“Do not let me forget the light, do not let me forget the beauty and what life’s.  Do not erase from my memory all that is colour and framed with delight” – To Adventure All

I’ve hand picked some zen inspired pieces that I absolutely adore, and wanted to share with you, find the links for each item below:

1. Wild Thing By Hannah Adamaszek

2. Bamboo Lampshade By VN Homware

3. Ceramic Planters By T4U

4. Marble Table By Hogar Y Mas

5. Tropical Cushion By Gemini Mall

6. House of Plants Book By Rose Ray

7. Mango Wood Candle Stick By Prodbuy

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