Zizzi Mural

With well chosen ingredients, simply put together Zizzi makes exceptional Italian Food.  With over 140 restaurants across the UK, I was really excited to be asked to paint a custom mural for their newest restaurant in Hull.

Hull was announced the winner of UK City of Culture 2017. I used the vibrant colours and movement of the sea that surrounds the Hull area, with dancers to celebrate the city winning the UK City of Culture in 2017.  Shapes taken from new architecture and the old from around the city become a part of the mural, bringing structure and balance to this changing city.

“We commissioned Hannah Adamaszek to create this work as part of our on going commitment to developing fresh talent and giving graduates a stage to showcase their skills. We feature work within our resturant environmets and through bespoke illustrations created for our wide variety of projects. Hannah is just one of a team of talented artists and designers we are working with at Zizzi.” #zizzicreates

I would love to hear what you think about the murals, email me any comments or commission your own mural

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