FREE Printable Gift Tags

There's something quite magical about seeing all the presents wrapped and under the tree.  That little sparkle in everyones eyes as they see a surprise beautifully wrapped and ready to be opened. 

I wanted to show you how I will be wrapping this year, with some FREE printable gift tags to go along with it.  Today we can sit down together to do some crafting DIY and time to just enjoy a part of the festive season.  So get yourself a warming hot chocolate and sit down with me to make some magic.

Start by printing your FREE gift tags.  The printable gift tags come in two parts.  One with the image from the Apricot Glow yoga mats, to bring some warmth and thoughtfulness to this time to the year.  Inspiring us to take some time for ourselves during this busy period.  The second are some handpicked quotes to give a a gift/thought for the person you are giving to.  Sometimes we need a little focus that we can carry with ourselves and this can do exactly that.

Carefully cut out all of your tags, putting them aside.  Next we will be customising our paper.  Here I have used some craft paper.  You can also reuse old paper bags or other wrapping materials.  Using a brush gently paste over some glitter glue.  I picked mine up from a pound shop and it's lasted me years.  This way we can bring a sparkle to the festive season 🌟Wrap some wool, ribbon or string around your gift and secure it with a tight knot.  Now is the time to add the tag.  I put one on top of the other, revealing a little of the quote, so that the words are a surprise when it's looked at properly.  Punch a hole in both at the same time and tie them to the wool.

In a previous post we made some tassels to hang on paintings.  Here I am using one to finish off the gift.  It can always be rested or hung on the tree as a new decoration.

I hope you enjoyed making and creating with me.  I'd love to see your gift wrapping using the FREE printable.   Tag me in your posts with @hannahadamaszek

Wishing you a beautiful end to the year🌟