Hanging Gallery style walls

A gallery style wall is  where you hang more than 2 artworks together (sometimes the more the better).  Arranging and finding pieces that work well together is all a part of the fun.  You can mix styles and colours or keep the colour palette simple to create a more harmonious collection.

I've been working behind the scenes photographing selected pieces. Hand curated collections that can be bought as a set and hung together as a gallery style wall.  Taking away the stress of curating.  A harmonious combination to hang in your home.

One tip is to start by hanging the largest piece and work around it, using smaller pieces to balance the composition.  I like to work from eye, but bringing a piece down to a third of the artwork you have already hung works quite nicely, creating a balance.

One of the sets I worked on uses this very technique.  Three different sized artworks hung together on the thirds.  The greens compliment each other, and the dark green line on the Balm painting almost  frames the other two.

Sometimes laying the artworks on the floor and organising them in different positions can show you which layout works the best.  Then its down to refining, and deciding how much empty space you want in-between each one.  I opted to hang them close together to make them feel more like 'one' art piece.

Another idea is to hang objects or wall hangings amongst your paintings.  It might be something you found on a recent travel, or an heirloom past down through your family or even something you have made yourself.  Think more about creating a collage on the wall rather than hanging artwork.  There is no right or wrong, just a feeling that you want to capture.

You might want to mix and match frames or keep them all the same. For a more eclectic feel choose the frame for the artwork then hang them together, it's surprising sometimes how well something quite different can work together.  Making a curated wall is just that.  An extension of yourself and how you envisage your world and what inspires you.

You can find my handcrafted sets on my store just HERE with special bundled prices.  Don't forget to send your photos of your own creations, I Love to see them, it's always an inspiration.