Organising and refreshing for the New Year

As the New Year gets closer its time to reflect and find ways to improve and move forward on a positive note.  I've been working this year on improving my studio.  Making more storage and organising better to work more efficiently.  Today I am reorganising my paint and want to share with you how I will work and organise in the future.  

Since I moved into my studio nearly 4 years ago my paint supplies have been stored in the the box I used to move here in.  It was always difficult to find the right colour and keep them in a good condition when the one I wanted was at the bottom of the abyss.

Lacking good storage I now knew I wanted a cupboard with doors to keep the sawdust and spray out.  Keeping the paint clean and more pleasant to use.  I got myself a new cupboard and began to sort my paints by colour.  

I was surprised to see I didn't have one dominating colour, and even colours I didn't realise I had (they might feature in a new series I'm planning on painting early next year).  The first thing on my mind was to make each colour easier to find.  I started by recycling some old draws with compartments that I could store them in, getting everything ready to be filled.

I next painted each tube with the colour its contains, stacking them into an order like a rainbow.  You can never have enough paint and I really thought I had more than there was.  Now I have a good excuse to get some more colours in the New Year.  Here is how they look all together.

I sometimes get asked which brand is my favourite to paint with.  I like a mixture of mostly Golden, Liquitex and System 3.  I find they are nice and vibrant and dry with a more matt finish.   Here is my new paint storage, along with a sneak peek of some new paintings I will be photographing in the next few weeks, ready for a release in the New Year.  I hope you all have a refreshing holiday season, ready to start another year with more energy and determination than the last.