Om Yoga Show in London

In 2016 yoga became a part of my life.  First as a way to stay fit and injury free, but after, it became much more. It was a way for me to connect with the world, a way to live in the present moment.  It was a trauma with the murder of someone close to me that yoga really became essential.  It was the only way that I could stop thinking and just be in that moment.  It was then that I understood the power of the breath and how yoga can really benefit us all.
In 2017 I took part in the Om Yoga Show in London, sharing my work in hope that it too could inspire us to connect with ourselves.  To bring you into the present moment.  
yoga pose on the apricot glow yoga mat
 This year I was ready to go back.  Bringing a new body of work and a new sense of hope and belief.  I came with the new yoga mats and two new prints to inspire a calm.  Taking you away on a journey of relaxation.  Delicate, innocent and sweet; smells from the jasmine garden fills our body with each breath.
setting up for the om yoga showNow it was time to set up.  It had been months of planning to get to this point and I was feeling the pressure to do my absolute best to make my work shine.  With the help of my sister we went to work hanging and building the stand.
hannah adamaszek stand om yoga show london
The very next day the OM Yoga Show 2023 opened.  With lots of new faces visiting I met some inspiring and motivated people.  Classes ran throughout the three days, giving a little taster into different type and style of yoga and teachers.  I was lucky enough to join a few classes.  Looking around the show it was difficult not to want to try everything.
hannah adamaszek stand om yoga show londonFrom my neighbours at the stand Earthen Living UK with their divine smelling Ayurvedic products,  Topaz in the Sky gift shop infusing more positivity into our everyday lives and Yoga with Daniella who was teaching classes through the show. Fun was had and working as a team to share our offerings.
It was so nice to meet everyone who came to say hello, the experiences from those three days and the months of build up towards it will stay with me forever.hannah adamaszek apricot glow yoga mat