Liquitex Painting

I want to share with you my experience in using the new redesigned Liquitex Soft Body and Gouache Paint. I was kindly given some of the newly redesigned Liquitex Soft Body and Gouache painted to [...]

A Little more of Me

So, I wanted to share with you a little more about me and my life.  What inspires me and wills me to create. I will be blogging an insight into my journey and where I am now. I am currently [...]

Pair with Plants

Summer has finally arrived, and there’s nothing like fresh foliage to brighten your day. Its something that I’ve been painting more in my work, and I wanted to pair a selection of [...]

Flowers of the Forest

For the first time ever I’m launching a drawing, stencil, painting AND prints at the same time.  I’ve been busy working away on this new series, and wanted to show you the complete [...]

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Update for Less

Update your home for less with 5 artworks under £500.  You can never under estimate the impact a gallery style wall makes.  Create a gallery style wall using a selection of affordable pieces that [...]

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Isla Timelapse

I really wanted to give you a peek into my process and how I created new artwork Isla.  Using lush greens with pops of yellow, I wanted to make a painting that would work well in any room.  I [...]

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