Wild Thing


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“Do not let me forget the light, do not let me forget the beauty and what life’s.  Do not erase from my memory all that is colour and framed with delight” – To Adventure All

Medium: Acrylic and Spray Paint on canvas
Materials: Original on Canvas
Size: 77x112cm


I used the Wild Thing Camatkarasana pose for this painting. Camatkarasana is translated as “the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart.” I wanted to paint a pose that opens the heart and is stepping into something new. Tropical surroundings are important to me and are featuring more in my work. The woman grows up and out like nature, expanding after each breath. I layered watered down oils with spray paint to create a soft but vibrant effect. She is perfect paired with bare wood and ethnic metal furniture.

Its painted on a hand stretched deep-edge canvas, which comes ready to hang. Its signed on the front and comes with some beautiful cards that can be framed or sent to friends. The painting will be delivered professionally packed for safe shipment. I ship free worldwide, as I want to be able to share my work with everyone.

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