Meet Nicola from Temple Lane

It's always a dream come true when you see your work in the most  amazing spaces.  Recently I got to work with Nicola, the Founder of Temple Lane, on her new Yoga & Wellness Studio in Perth, Australia.  She used 2 sets of wallpaper for her space to enhance the atmosphere and inspire her clients to relax. You can find the wallpapers just HERE.
Plus I got the chance to do a quick interview with her about her new adventure, her inspirations and how the new studio came to be. Enjoy!
Tell Us About Yourself And Temple Lane, How Did It Come To Be: 
Temple Lane was a throwaway comment that my husband made after seeing women on the floor in my lounge room and into the kitchen doing yoga with me. He said, "We really need to build you a studio." 
It was almost four years ago that he first said that and I am now two weeks away from opening! 
The concept for the studio was a wellness space. A Temple for yourself. A place that you could go for therapy and healing and then continue with your guide (me)  and do yoga or meditation. Or the other way around,  you start yoga and meditation and then want to go deeper into energy healing with Reiki or find you have some issues you want to deal with through Rapid Transformational Therapy. 
Your body and nervous system already feels safe in the space, and with me, which can lead to deeper innerpeace, joy and freedom. 
What Is Your Goal At Temple Lane? 
I want run a business that feels joyful and helps others live intentional lives. All of the modalities that I offer to others, feel effortless to me, like I am not working. It feels like my true path, my dharma, what I was put here on the planet to do. 
What does yoga mean to you? 
Yoga was my saviour. I was 32 weeks pregnant when my little girl, Sophia, was still born. I was numb with the grief and life just didn't make sense anymore. The counsellor I was seeing suggested I take up my yoga practice again and practice meditation to help me deal with my loss. 
Yoga brought me back to life and I changed my career from corporate marketing to becoming a Yoga Teacher in 2017. It means everything to me. 
Your studio looks just amazing. What vision did you have at the start of the project? 
My vision was natural inspiration. As much light as I could get in there. As many natural fibres as I could afford. As much nature as we could possibly see. I had been a fan of your work for about seven years. I think I first saw you on Pinterest and would have loved a mural if you didn't live on the other side of the world! 
The vision to me was your "Sarah" piece. Its how I see the women in my studio - blissed out, free from worry, at peace. 
You used the wallpaper, what made use it?
I saw an image you posted of the 'In The Fields" wallpaper you had done in another studio and we rearranged our thoughts on layout to make sure we had a space cut out for that wallpaper too. 
Beauty is spiritual to me, I am inspired and uplifted by it, and your pieces really capture beauty to me. 
Details to follow me: 
I'd love for you all to follow me & website
The plan is to build an online component of Temple Lane in the next few years to provide courses, hypnotherapy recordings and meditations, and different ways to make sure that your life is intentional, not an afterthought. 
Thanks so much for having me Hannah.