Creating of series Bloom at Dusk

I've been busy working away in the studio on my new mini series called Bloom at Dusk.  A collection of 2 new original paintings to let you bask in sepia tones and keep alive the nostalgia of summers past.

Using soft dusky tones, I wanted to make a series that comes alive at last light.  As the sun sinks behind the horizon and paints the sky.  It's such a special time of day where the world totally relaxes.  I wanted to paint an underwater paradise, with a figure totally immersed not only in the water but immersed in their own senses.

I had originally planned to make 4 paintings, but some paintings worked and some didn't make the cut.  This series bought me many challenges. But I embraced them and learnt along the way.  I had to repaint and reconfigure lots of times and make hard decisions.  Sometimes the figure felt out of proportion which included me having to go back to the beginning and correct all the mistakes.

I used plenty of water and built layer upon layers of paint.  I wanted the feeling of the rays of light breaking through the waters surface.  And the last moments of warmth from the sun.  I used a Burnt Sienna ink by Liquitex which added the warmth I was searching for.

Hibiscus flowers follow the figure from Earth to Water.  With its bright pop of pink they added some femininity.  I followed thorough with the theme in my final photos of the series hanging on the wall.

I wanted to show some behind the scenes from the painting photoshoot, but I didn't have enough hands.  Setting up the camera on the tripod, I held some flowers in front.  With the timer set I carefully held them where I wanted them.  Looking through the beautiful blooms that feature in the paintings.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this little series, and I hope they inspire you to immerse yourself fully into your own senses, as they have been a reminder for myself to do the same.