Custom mural design and application to fit any space in the business or home.   Add a touch of individuality and colour with a full scale painting to bring the walls to life.



Custom design on any sized canvas to fit a space perfectly.  Make your dream home or business space with a serene feel to bring peace to your day.



Each custom piece can be shipped worldwide.  They are carefully packaged by professionals to ensure safe arrival.  I can also travel to you to paint your unique murals.

01. Research

For a successful outcome, I start the project by reviewing and researching.  Your goals, mission, values and intended audience, your timeline and budget for the project.

02. Concept

We work on a concept together, bringing together initial ideas to develop further.  We explore different options that will compliment and enhance your space and achieved your goals for the project.

03. Development

Now it’s time for us to improve on the designs, fix any errors and fine-tune our designs. At this stage, gradually, all the pieces should start to fall into place, knowing what the finished piece will look like.

04. Delivery

The painting takes places either on the wall or canvas.  Process photos are shared so that you can see the artwork come together.  It is finished when we are both happy with the piece.

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  • "Hannah Adamaszek is incredible.  She is hot on the heels of urban artists like FinDAC who we have helped reached the top of his game."

    Liam West
    Liam West CEO, Beautiful Crime
  • "Thank you so much! Love it. You’ve really followed the brief well. Love it love it love it!"

    Anthony Milotic
    Anthony Milotic Owner & Chef, Rough and Bare
  • "Thank you for yet another wonderful creation, its stunning. I've received great feedback so thankyou again for playing a part in this success."

    Emma Design Manager, ASK Italian
  • "The artwork works perfectly in our Penthouse by the Sea!"

    Eddie Lock
    Eddie Lock Worldwide Management, Curator of Contemporary & Urban Art
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