I love painting big, using my whole body and soul to paint.  I want to help transform spaces, making them one of a kind and personal to you or your business.  They make an immediate impact and create a talking point for years to come.

I have had amazing opportunities working on murals for brands such as ASK Italian, Fringe Yoga, Zizzi, Bare Wholefoods and Wildleaf to name a few. I have also had many years experience painting as a Street Artist, even winning the Best Artist at Femme Fierce, Europe’s largest women’s street art festival.

Murals start at £600 a day and typically take 2-6 days to complete depending on complexity and size.  The overall project includes the initial design, approval by the client, consultation, paint and the final mural application.  If I am required to travel this will be additional.  For every project I require a 50% deposit before the work starts and the rest on the day of completion.  

If you are interested in finding out more or booking a consultation, feel free to contact me at hannah@hannahadamaszek.com