A woman sits peacefully meditating amongst tropical flora and fauna. The Rochester skyline sits behind her subtly in the background. She is escaping the daily stresses and making time for herself. The mural is painted in warm peaches and pink, contrasting with a cool turquoise of your logo. The colours bring memories of tranquillity and calmness. The 7 Chakras line the wall with the colours going a lighter gradient. The heart Chakra sits in the girls heart, glowing and coming to life. Small details of hibiscus flowers add more warmth and small leaves and petals growing out from the figure suggesting growth. The mural will create the right mindset for customers coming in for a lesson and help them leave their troubles at the door.



Medium: Acrylic & Spray Paint
Materials: Original on Canvas
Size: 1200x2300cm

  • "Hannah Adamaszek is incredible.  She is hot on the heels of urban artists like FinDAC who we have helped reached the top of his game."

    Liam West
    Liam West CEO, Beautiful Crime
  • "Thank you so much! Love it. You’ve really followed the brief well. Love it love it love it!"

    Anthony Milotic
    Anthony Milotic Owner & Chef, Rough and Bare
  • "Thank you for yet another wonderful creation, its stunning. I've received great feedback so thankyou again for playing a part in this success."

    Emma Design Manager, ASK Italian
  • "The artwork works perfectly in our Penthouse by the Sea!"

    Eddie Lock
    Eddie Lock Worldwide Management, Curator of Contemporary & Urban Art
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