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  • Zizzi 18

    Zizzi Mural

    With well chosen ingredients, simply put together Zizzi makes exceptional Italian Food.  With over 140 restaurants across the UK, I was really excited to be asked to paint a custom mural for their newest restaurant in Hull. Hull was announced the winner of UK City of Culture 2017. I used the vibrant colours and movement of the sea that surrounds the Hull area, with dancers to celebrate the city winning the UK City of Culture in 2017.  Shapes taken from new architecture and the old from around the city become a part of the mural, bringing structure and balance to this changing city. “We commissioned Hannah Adamaszek to create this work as part Read more ...

  • Mock-Up-Web

    Home Styling

    I’m a little addicted to home magazines and blogs, and love seeing different combinations of decorations and colours.  I thought I’d pair some paintings with accessories and style a home.  I started with new painting Coming of the Winds.  Taking from my Turkish inspiration for the painting, with memories of warm breezes atop of mountainous beach villages, I wanted to use draping fabric, colourful rugs and fresh linen.  Some accessories which carry warmth. 1. Coming of the Winds by Hannah Adamaszek 2. Idris lamp by Lombok 3. Mavi Cushion by Urban Outfitters 4. Soy Candle by Trouva 5. Zabel Sideboard by Swoon Editions The inspiration for Misty Mountain came from a ski season I Read more ...

  • Liam 18

    Coming of the Winds Process

    I really wanted to create a painting with Coming of the Winds that was something delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world. Something that can make us feel free. I love how fabric can seem to float and be lifted into a world of its own with a little breeze.  It reminds me of my travels, being on the hills in a small village in Turkey, where the warm winds whip around and bring life to everything around. Here are some photos taken by photographer Liam Keown of some days in the studio when I started the painting, along with some close ups and the finished Read more ...