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  • Drawing 2

    Risa Animation

    I loved making the last animation Let There Be Light so much that I put some time aside this weekend for making another one.  It took 35 drawings to make, piecing together each to form a living piece of art. I drew inspiration from Risa Marie and wanted to use her energy and tattoos as a central part of the animation.  As she breathes in she grows with every breath.  Writer and artist Nikki Rowe describes in one of her quotes what I was trying to achieve. “Nature, take my breath with you; renew it with the wild breeze and fill my being up with so much soul, ego learns to fade away.” – Nikki Read more ...

  • H4


    New painting Emelie is adorned with hand sewn embroidery, which adds an extra dimension.  The soft pastel colours are perfect to bring a sense of calm.  I wanted to mock up a room where the painting is bought to life further with dip dye walls and fairy lights to add that magical touch.  Here are a few photos of her hanging. “There is peaceful, there is wild. I am both at the same time” – Sum

  • art snug 2

    Art Sung at West Elm

    Art Snug is a pop up gallery founded by Elina Gough, working with more than 30 fascinating independent and emerging artists.  With prices starting as low as £25 there is something for everyone.  They have teamed up with West Elm, and interior shop on Tottenham Court Road, London with their clean, simple products for modern living.  Here are a few photos from the pop up, find out when the next one is on the Art Snug site here.