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  • 12v2-web

    Midsummer Dew

    I love the serenity of Midsummer Dew, and the opal colours that flow from her hair. I wanted to put together a room which captures this beauty and simplicity. I decided to photograph with a prism, bringing soft psychedelic rainbow swirls and shafts of light across the room. I paired her with soft cotton fabrics, moroccan inspired accessories and the beautiful lush green of some plants. “Sometimes solitude is the most beautiful thing on earth” – Unknown

  • IMG_8426

    Swallow & Hannah

    This weekend I got to do an exciting collaboration with Saroj Patel aka Swallow.  Saroj has a real passion for the outside and natural forms which really comes across in her work.  I love how her work flows with beautifully detailed flowers and birds leading you off into a magical wonderland.  We wanted to work on a mural together, creating something that could be a dream, a way to escape into your own imagination.  With a massive thanks to Global Street Art, we painted this piece on Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch, London. Photos by Creole_wrasse67, Saroj, Cherub_soundmind

  • MM

    Midsummer Magic

    There is something magical to waking up to the sun streaming though the window with a gentle breeze blowing.  I wanted to capture this with new painting Midsummer Magic in a short video.  I used an ink which sparkles as the light hits it, spreading the magic a little further.  I hope you enjoy the video as much as I loved making it. “Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” – Yogi Bhajan midsummer magic from Hannah Adamaszek on Vimeo.