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    Flow Vibration Interview

    When painting a mural in Bristol, I stopped to chat with a number of people. One of those was Paul Concannon, writer and founder of Flow Vibration. Paul interviewed me earlier this month, find some of the interview below. For more check out his blog. From the moment I chanced on Hannah Adamaszek’s art, I was captivated. The piece in question was an incredible street art mural, produced by Hannah at Bristol’s annual Upfest, Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival. I was impressed enough to return and view the work a number of times and then conduct a little research about the artist. It was of little surprise to find that she Read more ...

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    I just love seeing where my paintings end up in their new homes.  Its always inspiring to see.  Here is a custom piece that was made to fit the space with muted grey and lilac tones an some silver leaf to add that sparkle.  Here are some pictures from the beginning sketch to the finished piece hanging in its new home.  If you are looking for a custom piece, please feel free to email me at

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    KV Bijou Bedroom

    A few years ago I got to work with an extremely talented jewellery designer KVBijou.  She has just had a bedroom makeover, creating a space thats light and airy, using wood and natural materials along with some lush green plants.  She gives full details of what she did and the accessories that she used.  We made some custom drawings that have been used above the bed and on the chest of drawers, in some beautiful driftwood frames.  Email me if you would like something similar at Find some more pictures of her room on her blog.