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    Ask Italian Glasgow

    I recently got to paint the walls of the newly renovated Ask Italian in the city centre of Glasgow.  Inspired by the region of Pulia, I used the vibrant tuquoise of the sea contrasting with the white washed walls of Pulias buildings. The mural takes the rugged rock landscape, the structure of the buildings and the wildness of the sea. Movement carries your eyes accross the mural with details of the landscape, silhoettes of people swimming in the sea and shapes drifting in places to represent the famous Tree of Life Mosaic in the Cathedral of Otranto. The second wall has olives and the famous Trulli huts, with hoopoe birds and greens from Read more ...

  • Upfest 2

    Upfest 2017

    This year at Upfest, Europe’s largest, free street art & graffiti festival, I got to paint at The Steam Crane, collaborating with the very talented Saroj Patel. We’ve worked together before and both have a love for nature and the world around us. We wanted to create a peaceful underwater scene where human and sealife are at harmony with one another.  It was a wonderful weekend meeting lots of art fans and painting alongside 300 other artists across Bristol. Here are some amazing process photos by Wayne of us working away before the rain started. We hope you enjoy the mural as much as we enjoyed making it, it will be there to see until Upfest Read more ...

  • Croydon 4

    Croydon Street Art Jam

    Last weekend I got to paint at the Croydon Street Art jam organised by CDN Magazine to celebrate musicians who have lived and worked around Croydon.  Twenty-three artists took over the ‘Croydon Arts Quarter’ at St George’s Walk, including live art and music to combine both creative genres. I painted Katie Melua, who went to the Croydon BRIT school, and was discovered there by music producer Michael Batt.  I took inspiration from her song I Cried for You.  It was such an amazing day to get the chance to paint and have a chance to talk to so many lovely people throughout the day. “I Cried for you, and the sky cried for you, and Read more ...