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Medium: Giclee Print hand finished with silver leaf
Materials: Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm Paper
Size: 42x59.4cm (A2) includes a 2cm border

The Golden Key of Air, hidden within the East, holds the transformative power to unlock our innate qualities of flexibility, adaptability, and expansive thinking within our consciousness. It symbolises movement, evolution, and inspiration, gently urging us to embrace the winds of change and welcome fresh ideas and diverse perspectives.

Like a gentle breeze that stirs the leaves, the Golden Key of Air reminds us of the importance of mental agility and adaptability. It serves as a guiding force, nurturing a flexible mindset and empowering us to take adaptable actions. Even in the fiercest of storms, air softly reminds us to maintain an open-minded approach, a fervent thirst for learning, and the ability to navigate diverse situations with ease.

We find profound beauty in immersing ourselves in the ever-evolving, swirling nature of life — accompanied by the graceful dance and motivating, melodious song of the whispering winds, forever cheering us on.

Its printed onto a high quality 290gsm Hahnemühle Bamboo Paper. Hahnemühle Bamboo is made from 90% Bamboo fibres and 10% cotton. Bamboo is the most sustainable paper as it takes the least amount of water to grow.  

You have the option to buy framed in a while box frame or to take it unframed.  It comes with a certificate of Authenticity and a cut out postcard sized print to keep. The print will be delivered professionally packed for safe shipment.


There is free shipping on un-framed prints.  They come rolled in a tube and will need to be framed.

There is an option for International shipping on framed prints. This is based on your location and calculated at checkout. Framing takes around 7 working days.

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