“For even her darkness shone.  She was flawlessly out of place, but somehow still more at home than anyone I have ever known” – Becca Lee

A little window to escape in, it’s surprising how sometimes the dark places are most beautiful.  Inspired by tropical landscapes and muse Lilikoi.  I wanted to give a small window to what we can discover just in front of us, the smallest of spaces are brimming with life.


“… everyone knew that all islands
were worlds unto themselves, that to come to an island was to come to another world.”― Guy Gavriel Kay

Escaping into a dream just floating in the warm seas. The crystal like greens and turquoise surround the figure as she lays weightlessly.

Medium: Mixed Media on canvas
Materials: Original on Canvas
Size: 120x20cm

1. Paradise Found £1200


“You are the softness of the morning dew.” – Avijeet Das

Waking in the early hours having slept outside. The morning dew is still on the grown as the world starts to come to life.  Bees start their day and plants start to open, creating us and welcoming the new day.  I wanted to bring a freshness and new beginning to this piece to make us have gratitude to be alive.


There’s nothing like floating
in the sea.

With the waves washing over you, you instantly forget everything and concentrate on the moment.  You become a part of the movement and the flow.

“Waves are the voices of tides. Tides are life.” – Tamora Pierce

1. Currents £800


Custom handcrafted
murals to set you apart
from the competition.

Custom mural design and application to fit any space in the business or home.   Add a touch of individuality and colour with a full scale painting to bring the walls to life.

as seen in


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