I love painting big, using my whole body and soul to paint.  I want to help transform spaces, making them one of a kind and personal to you or your business.  They make an immediate impact and create a talking point for years to come.  Art is not just for viewing but an experience.  It improves motivation, creativity and employee and client engagement.  By working together we can make your walls stand out amongst the competition.  Creating custom artwork to connect with your customers on a deeper level.



Murals start at £600 a day and typically take 2-6 days to complete depending on complexity and size.  The overall project includes:

A colour moodboard to capture the vibe of the mural we are about to create.  The initital design which can be superimposed onto your wall, so that you can see what it would look like in your space.  Approval by you before we go ahead with the painting.  And lastly the application of the painting.

For every project I require a 50% deposit before the work starts and the rest on the day of completion.   If I am required to travel this will be additional.   


I've had amazing opportunities working on murals for brands such as ASK Italian, Fringe Yoga, Zizzi, Bare Wholefoods and Wildleaf to name a few.  I have also had many years experience painting as a Street Artist, even winning the Best Artist at Femme Fierce, Europes largest womens street art festival. In 2019 I was nominated for Design of the Year Award for my murals at the Resturant & Takeaway Innovation Expo in London. 


"Thank you so much! You've really followed the brief well. Love it, love it, love it." 

ANTHONY Bare Wholefoods

"Thank you for yet another wonderful creation, it's stunning.  I've recieved great feedback so thank you again for playing a part in this success." 

EMMA ASK Italian

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"We love the movement in the artwork, it lifts our spirits and will continue to touch others for years to come." 

TYA Wildleaf

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