I am inspired by nature and our spirit within. I love the feeling of sand under my feet and the wind in my hair.

My Paintings explore mindfulness and meditation, with murals and artworks being linked to wellness and retreats.  The works inspire to immerse you in serenity, to captivate and draw you into the ether.

I started studying Art at West Kent Collage, where I got to experiment with all kinds of mediums.  We studied painting, photography and fashion, drawing every week from live life models.  My time here started to shape me as an Artist.  Its where my style started to grow, a safe place for me to express who I am.

Soon after I went to study a Degree in Art in Bournemouth.  I fell out of love quickly with Art whilst studying here.  I got to see all the parts of the Art World that I didn't agree with.  When I finished my degree it wasn't until 7 years after that I had a real hunger to start creating again.

I took redundancy from my 9-5 job and took the plunge to immerse myself in painting full time.  Inspired by far-off places, nature and spirit, I wanted to find my own story to express.  I wanted to bring the beauty of our souls to life.

Since then, I've managed to have 3 solo shows across the world, taken part in the OM yoga Show, been nominated for Design of the year award at the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo, won Best Artist at Femme Fierce, Europe’s largest women’s street art festival and worked with brands such as Microsoft, ASK Italian, Zizzi, Bare Wholefoods and Champneys.

Thank you for visiting my site, I’m really glad you have discovered my art and I hope it can take you on your own journey of discovery.

If you have collaboration ideas or just want to say hi please get in touch via my contact page, I would love to hear from you.