I love painting big, using my whole body and soul to paint.  I want to help transform spaces, making them one of a kind and personal to you or your business.  They make an immediate impact and create a talking point for years to come.

I have had amazing opportunities working on murals for brands such as ASK Italian, Fringe Yoga, Zizzi, Bare Wholefoods and Wildleaf to name a few. I have also had many years experience painting as a Street Artist, even winning the Best Artist at Femme Fierce, Europe’s largest women’s street art festival.

Murals start at £600 a day and typically take 2-6 days to complete depending on complexity and size.  The overall project includes the initial design, approval by the client, consultation, paint and the final mural application.  If I am required to travel this will be additional.  For every project I require a 50% deposit before the work starts and the rest on the day of completion.  

If you are interested in finding out more or booking a consultation, feel free to contact me at hannah@hannahadamaszek.com




ASK Italian were looking to renovate one of their restaurants at Westwood Cross.  The brief included a 9m mural spanning across two walls of the restaurant.  The mural was to be inspired by the region of Mondello in Italy.  It was requested that the mural was completed with paint and collage with the main aim to create an escape to paradise for their customers.


The vibrant tuquoise of the sea of Mondello wraps around the curved and bank wall. The sea is a mixture of paint and a collage overlay. Hand painted swimmers and boats add a holiday vibe and escape into the beautiful landscape. Futher along the mural we are taken to the town, with its classic white buildings and statue. Oranges from the region add some bright splashes of colour mixed with sugar cane leaves. The orange and gold leaf on the hexagons add a warmth to the wall against the sunset sky. More shapes are added with terrazzo style painted sections and a textured overlay to give more depth.


The mural took me 6 days to complete.