Apricot Glow Yoga Mat


The Apricot Glow mat embodies the Mediterranean aura, taking you away on a journey of relaxation.  The design has a soft golden glow and subtle natural sweetness which has been made to revitalise and energise the body, quiet the mind and help you find an inner balance.

I wanted to use natural, chemical free materials to keep you healthy and our planet happy.  They are made from a natural rubber and a lusciously soft vegan microsuede to grip more with moisture and support your body during your toughest work out.

Each mat is printed with a water-based ink and no nasty chemicals. So better for you and better for our Mother Earth. 


Width: 68cm

Height: 182cm

Thickness: 3.5mm

All Yoga Mats are complimented with a natural cotton carry strap 



Wash by hand with a damp cloth and air dry. Do not use any detergent, we want to keep everything natural and good for the environment.

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